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  • Why Be Wacky?

    It’s okay to ask.

    “Why should I be wacky? What’s the point?”

    “I have bills to pay and work to do and internet to consume.”

    I get it.  It’s hard to move outside of your comfort zone.  So I’ll tell you why *I’m* wacky.

    When I was a kid, life was kind of rough.  My home life was… tumultuous.  I didn’t have a lot of control over things.  I was buffeted by the winds of whims of my parents and siblings.

    But one Christmas, I made a stack of homemade Christmas cards.  I went to the mall and handed them out to strangers.  It was so empowering to see them smile and feel special.

    Another story.  I like to give genuine compliments.  I was waiting for a table at a restaurant with Bae and I noticed a waitress’s coral and turquoise earrings.  I told her I liked them and that I’d heard that that combo keeps negativity away.  She almost cried.  She hugged me and told me her week had been terrible and that she’d really needed that.

    It’s the confusion and laughter in beachgoers’ faces when they see Bae’s disembodied head peeking out of the sand offering to catch their football.  “I’m open! I’m open!” he shouts.

    It’s the weary smiles of Christmas shoppers on Black Friday when he dances and lip syncs to the boy band music that’s piped into the store.

    It’s about shaking up someone’s day in an unexpected and delightful way.

    We all need wacky.  And whimsy.  And cheer.  Every day.

    Because we are living our only lives and we should fill them with the magic and wonder of childhood.

    And bringing that feeling to someone else’s heart is why I put on my wacky dancer suit, or burst out in song, or tell nonstop jokes to everyone, especially my doctor.

    There’s no reason why you can’t be wacky, too.  I dare you.  Just a little bit.  See how you like it.





  • Spice it up with Wacky Dancers

    Wondering how to fuel the flames of passion in your relationship?  Look no further than Wacky Dancers! Here are some primo tips on tipping the love scales in your favor.

    Show up at her work with flowers in a Salsa Verde suit.  She can’t complain that it’s the eighth time this month if you’re in a costume.

    Steal a cop car.  Pull her over for speeding while wearing Blue Danube.  You’ll both have something to laugh about when the real cops catch up to you and you’re spending the night together.  In jail.

    Ladies, catch him at the strip club with his buddies when he told you they were just going to be playing video games.  Sensuously brush his face with the silky arms of Cha Cha.  He’ll never look at another woman again.

    Surprise your loved one at karaoke in a Tango Snuggles heart-eyed Wacky Dancer.  Serenade him or her with a tear-jerking rendition of Enter Sandman.  Seriously, a guy tried to pick me up by doing this once.  It was great.

    Do you have any romantic plans for your Wacky Dancer?  Share them in the comments!



  • Wacky Dancers encourage you to always be appropriate.

    Wacky Dancers are for goofballs who love to get silly and make people smile.

    They’re for businesses that want to attract attention in a really fun, eye-catching way.

    Please DO NOT wear a Wacky Dancer for:

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